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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Of Heidi Klum and Hedious Garbs

Heidi Klum decides to dress up as Kali for Halloween. [link here]

[images showing Klum in Kali's disguise to the right and her utter contempt for all 'black beings' below.( Not by any co-incidence, she is married to a Nigerian-born British soul singer, Seal. Reaffirms my 'contempt' point.)]

And we still are to hear from our Togadias and Thackeray's on this.

What a howling shame!

Where are all these people when we need them the most ? The saffron and the orthodox, the right-wing and the fanatics. When irreverent firangs go about plastering their philistine disregard for the most cherished of our deities the tilak adorned task-force decides to hold up their trishuls, protesting the advent of the 'enemy within' or busy themselves beating up fellow countrymen appearing for public exams. Petty!

Worse, if they are to be found in this hour of great religious crisis distributing sweets to celebrate Obama's victory - The man who had nothing on his agenda regarding 'The Desecration of Hindu Gods & Godesses' and how to counter such an atheist outbreak. How so very short-sighted!

A few months ago there was very little noise over Lord Ganesha adorning the covers on toilet-seats and before that Lord Shiva spray-painted on sandals in the Wayward West.

If this is not reason enough to spring into action, what are they waiting for ?

- The launch of brands 'Saraswati's Secrets' and 'Janki', perhaps.



Amazing Greys said...

We are now too busy killing each other.

FlotsaM said...

refreshing post.... Be carefull about the images you post :P :P
i was office wen it popped out!!!!

FlotsaM said...

blog owner's approval for posting??? i think i know the source of your inspiration!!

What's In A Name ? said...

# A.G - and we aren't finished yet.

# flotu - popped out ?? eh ?? :P ki ?? tohaar eyes-wa ???