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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Alexander Kuzmin should be invited immediately to address the joint parliamentary session of India. His diktat prohibiting bureaucrats from relaying hapless tax-payers from one desk to another must be made into an abiding example in this country.

Though, the inevitability of his lecture having little effect on our mantris and babus remain a roaring reality still, an honest attempt is worth the fruit of reform (! ?? ).

If (ever) and when it happens the entire picture of Govt. offices would change drastically, pulling words like ‘efficiency’ and ‘productivity’ out of the eternal freezer of oblivion it has been consigned to in this country.

It is even hard to imagine how our sarkari - offices would look like (and feel like) to the occasional jaywalker implored by necessity to submit to the mood-swings of any of these reluctant relics of officialdom and to be swept off his feet to find prompt attention followed by a prompter redressal. How would that be like? A shock-therapist wouldn’t be a bad person to have in company on such an adventure. A case where too much of a shock has to be undone with medical help.

Long, winding queues of harried people with a sleepy-sloth at the cash-counter would be a thing of past. A squirrel nimbleness would take on hundreds in a flash, thus pre-empting the existence of long queues and unending waits.

Champion fly-swatter clerks would do a better job in escorting inquirers from one dept. to another rather than engaging in a match of table-tennis with their disdainful wave of a hand, directing clueless ‘first-timers’ into a vicious cycle across adjoining tables.

Fault-finding tendencies would fall sharply in them while perusing forms and applications.

Good behavior would be as ubiquitous in these places as flies in a sweet-shop.

Kal aiyye”, would be banned in Kuzminish style and vigour injected as soon as all Govt. employees are inoculated against diseases like ‘late-coming’ and uninformed ‘casual-leaves’.

That’s too much of a fantasy now!

But what’s the harm in a little harmless dream percolating from across the Caspian.

The Land of Volga and vodka.

The land of Lenin.

Our Comrades listening kya???