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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nepotism Redefined

This might go down as a blatant display of
Bhai-bhatija-wad in India[link].

In his attempt to showcase Pan-American solidarity President Obama has unwittingly vindicated the ways of our political dynasties. Mulayam and Lalu may now go ahead and give party-tickets to all their kith and kin and then we run the risk of reconsidering delimitation i.e if 543 falls short in accomodating them all.

Their justification would be on these lines:

Would Mr. Obama ever come to Balia or Siwan to learn a square drive or two from Dada or Dhoni? Well, doesn't look like it, atleast in the near future. And why won't he do such a thing ? Is it because he associates India with hockey after looking at the Chak De! girls running around in shorts? Is it because the IPL is being played in South Africa, a mere 8000 Kms away from home ? Or is it his way of snubbing the ICC at refusing "The Michael Jordan of Cricket" legitimacy along with the ICL? None of the above. This is just a way of showing the world that "Black is Back". If Obama feels his fellow men need his support why should not we support our brothers of our caste and sub-caste. Let us see him dancing to the tune of any of Guddu Rangeela's music-videos and then we will know how global a leader he actually is. Let us see him call our Ravi Kishan "The Aur-land-wo Bloom of Bhojpuri Cinema" or Nagma "The Ebha Long-goriya of India" and we will know how much of India he has actually embraced. Till then we will keep sweeping Amrican "bouncers" of liberalism with the far reaching danda of our mass ignorance.

Humein mat sikhaon. Pehle apne aap ko sudharon.
Jai Hind.

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