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Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Oasis of Peace". Who ?

Though this is coming excruciatingly late from me still, I feel this had to come sooner or later.

Constraints of time cannot be forever for a vagabond, and constraints of indifference to a shrieking social issue have still to manifest their symptoms in me.

So, here’s my take on The Rizwanur Episode.

Largely perceived as the murder of Justice, Love and Secularism in this “Oasis of Peace” the death of Rizwanur Rehman has surely triggered a rare outcry for justice and retribution in and around Kolkata. It is more than heartening to note that the classes and masses have for once joined hands in condemning the incidents leading to the death of the young graphics teacher amidst the most suspicious of circumstances. Add to it the involvement of top brass police officers gracing Lalbazar cabins running for cover at the outset of inquiry and what you get is a perfect recipe for a gripping thriller. The dilatory tactics being employed by the Govt. in hope of pressure diffusing by the time Pujas end are too apparent to be missed.

Reprieve won’t be that easy this time.

I have firm believe in the endurance of zeal in the numerous protestors thronging streets and candle-light vigils in memory of the hapless victim and I am sure their guard wouldn’t be lowered, their pitch wouldn’t get subdued with time. It is imperative of the Govt. to affirm its subscription to the hallowed ideals of Justice and Fairness and there won’t be a better time than this. The more it tries to protect the wrong-doers in the garb of unhurried enquiries the more it would contribute in tarnishing its own image. The Chief Minister, who not before too long was being cited as an apostle of Progress is no longer the innocent with unbloodied hands. He should take this opportunity as one last chance to repair his image and reinstate faith in his credentials.

As an involved follower of the course of events I noted certain highlights in this episode.

  1. The influence of Orkut in building public opinion and garnering support is fast becoming a ‘force to reckon with’. It is undeniable that the fact that Rizwanur was a popular teacher amongst his students and their sharp response (via Orkut) to his unnatural and untimely death did help immensely in mobilizing large-scale support within hours.

  1. Alimuddin Street isn’t too warmly united on this issue.

  1. The eroding Muslim vote base has to be addressed. Some damage control measures are to be taken. Krishnendu Das might well be the scapegoat. The I.P.S are a “untouchable lot”, they say.

  1. The Chief Minister is sure to loose some ground if he doesn’t manage to salvage some pride and restore order in his house by the earliest. Nadigram followed by Rizwanur is not so much of a soporific. Is it ?

  1. There’s a cricketing angle to it too. But, Thank God that it concerns the administrators – ‘The loathed lot.’ Our cricketers could do with less publicity than this.

  1. It isn’t getting too Cozi for Ashok Todi. A C.B.I enquiry would mean some “andar ki baat...” spilling out into the open.

  1. One must think thrice before marrying a rich merchant’s daughter who isn’t too warm to the idea of securing a ‘so-so’ Jamai.

  1. The matter is sub judice. I might get jailed for posting this. This late.

photo: courtesy: NDTV