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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Late Night Calls

Launching a blistering attack which might leave The Bad P ( i.e. Pramod Muthalik as against the good P i.e. our own Pronob babu) quaking in his dhotis Renuka Chowdhury has questioned the kind of upbringing he might have undergone as a child. Applying Freudian deductions and Jungian principles of psychoanalysis she has successfully come to the conclusion that Muthalik's early childhood was deeply influenced by females who believed in "All hail the male!" rather than the then-dubious-now-ubiquitous slogan of "Why should boys have all the fun?". Still the very little gaps that her theory suffers from she intends to eliminate by arranging a tête-à-tête with the saffron stal-wart's mother.

"We'll have to ask her where he gets his attitude", she says.

We wish her all the luck with the interview.

In other news, a L.K Advani comment has just erupted onto the scene which should bring more cheer to the healing hearts at 7, Race Course Road than the sagging shoulders at 11, Ashok Road.
In his characteristic manner, that of a practiced raconteur, Advani has compared Narendra Modi to Atal Bihari Vajpayee. As if the old man was not suffering enough already, Advani had to compare the great statesman to someone who is not even a whimpering apology for Atalji's political acumen, stature, charisma and presence. And to be reminded that both of them made for the Krishna-Sudama of Indian politics till a few years back. Some lasting ties of friendship there, Mr. Advani! Some glowing tributes! Jai ho!

Has political expediency got the better of a respected leader like him or has the corporate coterie finally had its way, one wonders. The investments, both domestic and foreign, which are pouring into Gujarat cannot hide the hideous past of hate and divisive politics that thrived under the garb of "good governance". If Mr. Advani is still calling the shots from the helm he needs to keep track of the past and chalk maps for the future keeping in mind the larger picture rather than playing to the Hindutva gallery. A Vibrant Gujarat under Modi is as much a palpable reality as was Uttam Pradesh under Mulayam Singh Yadav and the day Modi is put in charge of the nation would indeed be a sad day for our democracy.

- For some things are better not forgotten and some people better not compared.