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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Man Who Will Be King

............ and lift US from the dumps.

Barack Hussein Obama is now to take on the mantle of 'The Most Difficult Job' in the world and deliver the goods for the millions who see him as their talismanic messiah, their knight in shining armour. He faces the herculean task of resurrecting the global image of the United States which reached new lows during the war-mongering Bush regime. But before that he needs to put his house in order. That means a bail-out plan for the economy that is unprecedented in history, going by its sheer bulk and consequence.

But if he is half as effective as his oratory suggests he is our man for the job.

And he is already a legend.

"Hurray!" to that "Change".

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Amazing Greys said...

whatever he might or might not achieve in his time in office, he'll still secured a place in all the history books. i guess his win is a victory for the entire human race, the future notwithstanding.