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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost there

Things are getting from bad to worse now as MBA students look towards innovative self-employment programs  which apparently do not enjoy the sanction of law. It is tragic that the very people who got into B-Schools till last year in the hope of landing phoren jobs with astronomical salaries are now contributing their bit to the meteoric crime-rate in the capital. Given the catastrophic consequences of the global financial meltdown the situation could swiftly spiral into a bigger social crisis. 

Take for instance the plight of the thousands of recruited yet un-'called' for engineers in the country. If even a fraction of them decide to unite under the formidable leadership of some of these  management gurus the law and order situation can crumble within days. And given the ineffectiveness of our police laid bare by the Naxalites and the Mao-ists, they could soon establish a 'Free Economy' - where all educated criminals move scot-free, wielding their degrees as gate-passes to high-office. The days of "matric-fail" MPs and MLAs are numbered! A society where unemployed engineers and unscrupulous managers run the show - Mr. Murthy's  dream of building a 'Meritocracy' is here for real. 

But one has to be extra cautious in times of great change. Before you know there might be a call for united action against our 'meritocracy' in the UN. One can guess how swiftly they would act against a legitimate-order given that they are still undecided on their response to the dangerous Somali pirates. US drones might soon hover over our IITs and IIMs in search of WMDs ( Well Managed Departments) and unlike in the past, here they won't be disappointed. In this regard the ISI angle to the kidnapping cannot be overlooked. After all, this could be just a 'diversionary tactic' to shield their men in Waziristan. Man, don't these people have foresight! 

Till our millions in employment deep-freeze shrug off their collective indolence in favour of a thriving meritocracy ( in which I would be too glad to be the Minister of Misinformation and Typecasting) I think it will be a good idea if I start to work on penning my memoirs ( a documentary of these troubling times of recession and inflation and everything else) the title of which I have long wanted to be "Liquidity in Times of Cholera".



gaurav said...

Hope wat u have foreseen doesnt come true....
But lukin at the helpless situation of the un-employed as well as the employed, nothin can be assured.

Amazing Greys said...

umm, this was kinda inevitable if you think of it now, the way things were going in the past few years.