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Monday, June 02, 2008

Royally Touched

The Rajasthan Royals have clinched it and Kolkata is witnessing stray fireworks in its skies as I write this. I am sure the same would have been the case if the Chennai Super Kings would have won. Strange strange city, this.

Tomorrow will be a day of jubilation, adulation and accolades for the Champions. They have played excellent cricket throughout the championship and gelled well into a team. Starting off as the clear-cut underdogs they have proved their mettle and how.

The day after will see ( if my ability at estimates haven't marooned me of late) articles applauding the mega success of the Indian Premier League and the people behind it ( read Lalit Modi and Co.).

The following days will revolve around speculations from various quarters as to how the game of cricket is being commercialized in the most revolting manner in its 20 over installment which reeks of publicity-hunger and easy cash.

I too will join in as I have hardly written anything on ( and believe it or not, seen) IPL.

* related snippet:

Overheard at the Rash Behari Bus Stop :

boy 1 : I am supporting CSK. If Punjab would have made it I would have supported them. Any
team but the Royals!

boy 2 :( visibly confused) Why ? The Royals deserve it. They were the underdogs. Right ?
And look at Warne. How he has captained the side. Great! Just Great!

boy 1 : ( flushed with signs of an impending emotional outpour)
No foreign captain should walk away with our trophy. Its called the Indian Premier League, dammit! Why can't these *expletive* Aussies stay put with their World Cups. Greedy Bastards!


ad libber said...

I am more loyal see, I supported CSK since the tournament began :P
but haven the second and third options already been occurring parallel to each other all this while?

comfortably numb said...

trust someone to carry the flag of jingoism flying high always

Beauty and the BEast said...

ah damn!! That was a brilliant insight into how someone will just NOT let a sport be just that ... A SPORT!!

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Sharn warne is wonderful captain and i expected in the third match that this team will win the cup